Three modes

—— Meet different individual needs

1. Popup Mode

Shortcuts (⌘-k / ⌃-k) or click icons to invoke

The most basic model

Best availability

2. Page Mode

Use the shortcut key (⌘-j / ⌃-j) to invoke on any page

Sitemaps give you quick access to websites such as Github

And the possibilities of the future

3. New Tab Mode

Use on new tab, available for Steward Plus

Wallpapers from bing / unsplash / Nasa, etc.

Rich customizations make Steward your intimate butler

Rich plugins

—— Help you complete most of the browser operations

URL Search Engine Built-in Page Bookmarks Extensions Applications Downloads History Wallpapers Help Calculator Todolist Diary Notes Github Jenkins Habits Tabs Top Sites Block URL Weather wordcard Workflow Translator Zhihu Random Command New Tab

Simple and easy to use

—— Small commands to achieve large functions

1. Bookmarks - bm

"This ABC video looks good, first collected"

"There is time today, learn ABC!"

"I can say my A~B~C~"

"Learn ABC, delete this bookmark"

2. Weather - tq

"Exciting Friday finally arrived!"

"Check the weather on the weekend"

"It's sunny today~ It's beautiful everywhere~"

"Monday and rain really take ..."

3. Todolist - todo

"Little one, you have to finish XXX today, "" "Little, today YYY must be done!"

"Where do I remember so much... First in the todo, the first thing, watching a movie,"

"There is the last task, come on!"

"Finally finished, my day begins."

Multiple usage scenarios

—— Meet the needs of different scenarios