This is a tutorial for beginners of Steward or Steward Plus. For common questions, please go here here

Table of Contents

What is the command launcher:

The command launcher consists of an input box + drop-down list. Some shortcuts are implemented through a combination of trigger + query + click / enter / return, for example, searching for bookmarks and opening


Steward is inspired by Alfred on Mac OS

Steward Plus is a Steward that takes up a new tab

Differences from other similar extensions


  • Richer plugins
  • Three modes
  • Can custom triggers—triggers customizable
  • The NewTab mode makes Steward more powerful
  • Custom workflow belongs to you—customized workflow for you
  • More positive development


  • Introduction of the main features go here

NewTab Mode

This is Steward's unique model, with all browser plugins available on the new tab, which features always-on functionality and wallpaper.

Pop up by tapping the expand icon or using shortcuts to access all browser plugins, featuring lightweight, fast, page-independent; Default shortcut key: Windows: Ctrl + k Mac: Command + k

Page Mode

is characterized by lightweight, fast, you can use the page corresponding to the plugin—lightweight and fast. And you can use the plugin corresponding to the page. Default shortcut key: Windows: Ctrl + j Mac: Command + j

Customize shortcuts

Go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts extension shortcuts settings page, click pop-up to modify



Steward comes with a set of plugins that will help you with most of the browser operations; meanwhile Steward provides plugin api, you can develop your plugin with just a few lines of code.

Steward provides the spm command to install or uninstall the third-party plugins.

Custom command

Command trigger basically can be defined in the settings -> plugins panel, if the trigger has a small icon on the right, there will be hover tips


What is workflow

The commands are enhanced when compared with that when used alone.-- The commands are enhanced than being used separately. Workflow

How to use workflow

The first is to create a workflow, in the Settings -> workflows panel Then use trigger: wf


Wallpaper is the api with functions like automatic altering, save, browse settings, downloading, etc